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eSports is a sports competition in different disciplines: Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and others. Popularity is growing every year and more, more teams fighting for the title of best players. On the network you can watch the progress of the competition online and bet on your favorite team.

Top Rated Bookmakers

The network has a lot of spectators and fans who do forecast for results of eSports matches. They analyze the statistics and success of teams and individual players, thaks them our chance for for winning is increasing of eSports betting. For bets, you can choose any of the bookmakers that accept bets on eSports.

Which games are good for bets?

Some bettors don’t only play and win, they make a millions in eSports. For 2019, the rating of the most popular games is:

  • CS: GO (known to everyone as Counter-Strike);
  • Dota 2 (multiplayer battle arena game);
  • League of Legends (role-playing strategy);
  • Mortal Kombat (legendary fighting game);
  • Warface (popular online shooter).

The most popular, with the huge number of spectators are Dota 2, CS: GO, Lol competitions, they have large prize pools and high competition among the participants.

Bettors also has an advantages in these eSports disciplines is high odds and wins. Anyone can put on their favorite team, for this it is only necessary to figure out which game and team to put.

How to bet on eSports?

It is best to bet on popular games (Dota 2, Warface, CS: GO), tournaments are constantly hold on them and there are many options for betting. It is not necessary to bet on one team, you can distribute funds for several tournaments, it is good for increasing the chances of winning.

TOP-3 betting bookmakers accepting bets on eSports is:

  1. Gbet
  2. 1Xbet
  3. Parimatch


A world famous bookmaker, one of the first to accept eSports bets and specializes only in them. High quality of  wide lines, the convenience of replenishing the account and withdrawing funds and many other servises for players made the bookmaker a leader. For registered users there are bonus programs and promotions from the bookmaker. For convenience, you can download the application for Android or iOs or use the mobile version of the site.


One of the most popular bookmaker is 1Xbet. You can bet not only on eSports, but also on football, hockey, basketball and other games. A wide line, watching matches in live mode add convenience. For eSports disciplines, you can bet on all matches in the world and all existing leagues. You can deposit your account in any currency and withdraw real money when need.
In order to win quickly and confidently, you can bet “express” on several matches and increase the capital by the sum of the odds. You can download the 1xbet application to your phone, with all the useful information on the matches: events, total, line, odds and match schedules.


A well-known bookmaker, attracting famous athletes, showmen and celebrities as ambassadors (Conor McGregor and etc.). On the site for eSports betting you can find all the necessary information:

  • match schedule;
  • Live events
  • odds;
  • “express” bets;
  • event results and more.

You can bet not only online, but also offline at points of reception of bets. Parimatch is a leader in bookmakers, which is confirmed by a lot of positive feedback from players and experts.

How to play for real money

In order to put a bet, it is enough to register on the site of bookmaker by filling out the form and entering your personal information. In official offices you must verify your identity with your passport.

You should choose the currency for future work and deposit your account, be careful couse isn’t possible to change it after registration. If you doubt at least something, write to the support team and they will quickly answer to you.

After registration, you will need to deposit the account. Today it is possible by cards Visa / Mastercard, Qiwi-wallet, electronic money and even a mobile phone. It’s very easy to use.

After the depositing account, you can easily bet on any available event. Need to remember some detals, for example, that in Counter-Strike you can bet on the outcome of the match and on the victory of the team in a separate round, while in LoL you can also bet on the exact score and victory in the tournament for comparison.

Always analyzing not the PR level of a team or player, but a skill of player, it important how the bet wii plays well or no.

Remember, all competitions are hold online and you can watch the progress of events on the site of the bookmaker in the special section “Live”. It is not necessary to place a bet long before the start of the match, you can decide immediately before the start by analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of your opponents. But do not forget that you can win a large sum of money by putting “Express” bet on several events.

Bet types

Don’t compare eSports with regular sports, such as football or hockey. In eSports there are the main match formats:

  1. bo1;
  2. bo2;
  3. bo3;
  4. bo5.

These numbers indicate is a number of cards in the upcoming match.

The most risky type of bet is “bo1” matches. It is played until the first victory and you can’t recoup. In “bo2”, main thing that we have not anly victories there is also a draw, and many matches end with it. Bet on matches in which only one team can win, and this is not “bo1”!))

In Dota 2, you can bet not only on victory, but also on the first blood, in CS:GO you can choose such a bet type as “pistol” (this is when, according to the results of rounds 1 and 16, the winner is who correctly guess) . Every day there are many eSports competitions and bookmakers accept bets on everything. You can bet not only money, but also skin (items) in separate offices.

Which sites to put items on

A popular type of bet is skin (items). Equivalent cash is a several billion US dollars. You can put an item on sites such as SkinGame or

On the SkinGame site you can put items from PUBG and CS: GO. To start betting you need to register on the site and have a Steam account. The principle of bets is similar to the usual bookmaker, only skin are used in the form of money. You can also play roulette and, if you’re lucky, win many skins and then sell or exchange them. Also good reviews about the Bets4 pro site. There you can bet on Dota 2 and CS: GO. Any items and skins are accepted for bets. They can be exchanged for money or other skins, for all players they constantly win prizes and give bonuses.

What tactics to follow if you put on eSports

In order not to lose all the money, you need to develop a strategy and follow it.

  1. Don’t bet random. Study information about teams, check open information and don’t believe insiders about agreements.
  2. If you have friends who playing, you should not bet on them just because they are friends. Choose your favorites, even with small odds.
  3. Don’t bet on beginners, they rarely win, even if they offer high odds.

Have a rest and do not force yourself to visit the bookmaker’s site as a job.

Esports betting advice

Most experts make bets on strategies already developed and follow them constantly, alwayse improving. For beginners, we have collected a few mandatory points.

  1. First of all, you need to decide what you want get from eSports betting. For increase adrenaline, just take risks and bet on any event what you want. If you are a fan of your favorite team, support and bet on a victory. To make money on bets, you need to think over a strategy, analyze the game of each team and calculate the probability of victory.
  1. Do not forget about forecasting. Experienced bettors prepare for betting on tournaments and monitor the activities of discipline leaders, also a new sportsmans who show good results at the start. Attantion and strategy will increase your chance of winning and making real money.
  2. Don’t try to recoup. If you loose – reconsider the strategy, consider the mistakes. Don’t try to return the money, couse you can loose all of them.
  3. Earnings on the “Express” bets. Complete calculation of all upcoming matches will not guarantee that the express will “do”. But, when all bets are played in total, you can get a large odds and earn a good bank.

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