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Esports betting » Best eSports Strategies » Betting on CS GO online (CS GO) - how to win money, things, skins

Betting on CS GO online (CS GO) – how to win money, things, skins

Due to the rapid development of interest in computer games, many bookmakers began to accept bets on e-sports online, which allowed to expand the scope of their activity. In addition to the existence of Online bets, the number of competitions held has increased many times, where teams compete for the title of best, and bettors win real money.

E-sports is developing much faster than classic sports at the time, along with the number of players, the number of people who want to bet and support their favorite team is increasing.

Thus, the amount of money invested in this area of ​​rates increases. Fans of watching CS: GO tournaments are given the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush by putting on their favorite team or team in which they believe.

What you need to know before putting in CS: GO

Before manipulating money in CS: GO, you need to understand the principles of the game itself and its subtleties.
This game is a multiplayer shooter where rivals play directly online.
It all starts with the choice of the map on which the tournament will take place, and after that the side for which they will play: terrorists or counter-terrorists.

The most basic type of match: ranking

Professional players compete only on this principle. The first segment of the game lasts 15 rounds, after the team change places. The second segment is decisive and those who are the first to take 16 rounds and win the match. The match is won by bomb blast, defusing a bomb or killing all enemies. At the beginning of each segment, each team is given start-up capital.

The amount of money a player has is directly dependent on how useful he was in the game. To make it clearer, there is such a definition as kda (kill, death, assists-killings, deaths, assistance in killing), as well as mining or demining bombs.

How to bet for beginners

All bets in bookmakers directly depend on tournaments that are hold on CS:GO
and in essence do not differ from classic sports except that there are some detals when betting real money.

There are three variations in the course of events: victory, draw or lose. Odds in the bookmakers are formed on the basis of the collected statistics of the latest games and the analytical work carried out by experts.

  • If there is a condition for the forecasts of success of the teams with a ratio of 50/50, then the winner receives a new item, for each item, corresponding to its value;
  • if the chances of one team are less (for example, 25/75), then the winner gets already three for one delivered item;
  • if the tournament is canceled or postponed to another date, the delivered items and things are returned or kept until the new date of the competition;
  • if a player violates the rules of the betting site, items may be withdrawn and the bet will be void.

Before betting online on an eSports event, the bettor should take into account that the number indicated as a percentage near the team is an indicator of the number of players who bet on this team of the total.

There are services that can help players win impressive amounts. They also include “CS:GO roulettes”. The essence of roulette is that you need to put an in-game item and within a minute the system will announce the winner.

The feature of this game is that the more valuable things you contributed, the greater your chance to win. But sometimes with a minimal contribution to roulette you can win a really good jackpot. The main thing is to have a little more luck than the rest.

How to put skins

Skins is an in-game item that changes the appearance of a character or his weapon. In CS:GO, they have purely decorative properties and do not affect the game. That is, they do not give anyone benefits.

You can get them:

  1. buying in the game itself;
  2. buying from other players or any kind of trading floors, also you can exchanging with other players;
  3. cases give for viewing major gaming events;
  4. winning in various sweepstakes.

The cost of skins varies according to many criteria and sometimes reaches several thousand US dollars. Now there are a lot of sites where you can bet and look for good ones among them, like wandering around the maze at night.

Here is a list of sites where you can bet on tournaments:

  • 1xbet;
  • Betscsgo;
  • CS:GO Positive;
  • CS:GO Market.

How to make money having one dollar

The popularity of CS: GO is growing extremely fast. And there are sites where you can bet from 1 dollar. This is a good chance to make big money with a minimal contribution.

Each player is authorized. Then the players give the bot their things that they risk for a big jackpot. The prize consists of all items provided by the players, and the winner is determined randomly.

The chance to win is increased by the number of items that you throw in roulette. And the more things there are, the greater the chances of breaking the bank. A particularly popular topic for beginners, as there is an opportunity to win the necessary things and weapons, putting a minimum at stake.

CS: GO Lounge – stability and fame

CS: GO Lounge is a site known to everyone, probably. He has a certain margin of trust among users and put large amounts on this site without fear. In this bookmaker you can bet on:

  1. The outcome of a battle or a single round in a battle;
  2. Tournament winner;
  3. Individual player and his achievements;
  4. Who is the first to lose and leave the tournament.
  5. How difficult it is to make predictions for CS: GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular FPS shooters. A large number of professional matches are hold daily around the world. This popularity is also due to the spectacular and very beautiful game of professional teams.

No matter how we love CS:GO, we are currently more interested in the opportunity to earn at bet. But in order not to get into the trouble, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with what say
analytics and you should not rely on your instincts completely, although sometimes it can help you.
After familiarization, we decide who is your favorite and what we should bet on. In addition to regular bets, many offices offer to bet with a handicap. If you have never come across this concept, then we will explain everything: these are special requirements that make it possible to equalize the chances of winning a duel with an initially weaker team. To win the strongest team set higher goals.

Promo codes for CS: GO

Promotional codes give you good opportunities to earn extra money without unnecessary risk.
If you get one you should use it as soon as possible after all
prome codes you can use at very limited period.

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