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Esports betting » Best eSports Strategies » Betting on LoL online: new and profitable direction in eSports

Betting on LoL online: new and profitable direction in eSports

Competitions in eSports getting more interesting with every year. This applies not only to computer game lovers who actively monitor competitions in their favorite games. A large number of players also makes bets on e-sports . So, they also watch tournaments to track the performance of selected players or teams. The competition is becoming more and more year after year. And along with the increase in popularity, the prize pools of the competitions also increase, not inferior to major sporting events.

LoL is one of the most popular computer games. The number of viewers and gamers who are actively participating in the competitions is really impressive. If you add to this figure the players who make bets, it will turn out to be really impressive.

How to make forecasts on LoL

Making a forecasts and choosing the right bet on LoL is not an easy task because of the specifics of the game. At the first stage, the player requires a thorough analysis of the heroes. It is important to remember one of the main rules: the champions can be banned. After analyzing the situation, you can forecasting which of the champions will not take part in the fight. It is also important to remember that the champions themselves have skills, using which they can make a troubles for opponents.

How many players earn by betting on the League of Legends? No one will provide us with complete statistics, but if you look at the statistics of some analysts who regularly post their forecasts, you can understand that making money in this direction of the betting market is real.

No one makes you believe every forecast. They can be used as additional materials that help to do your own analysis. Remember the old adage: “One head is good and two is better.” It clearly demonstrates that the opinion of experienced betters is good to listen or at least take their point of view.

How to make successful bets on League of Legends

There are many betting options on LoL. Of course, it all depends on the specific of  bookmaker, since the information for the same event at offices may differ. But the next options are considered the main types of bets:

  • Betting on winning an your
  • Betting on the final score in the battle.
  • Select a map.
  • Who will kill the dragon?
  • Who will open a score, etc.

There are main rules, following which you can increase your chances for a successful bet:

  • By betting on high odds, you can win a large amount.
  • The odds of winning bet will be higher if you make it at small coefficient. But the winnings here will be small. It is important to find the best balance.
  • Betting on the favorite is good because you make the choice on strong team. However, surprises and unexpected situations happen regularly. Any sports fan will confirm this to you.
  • It’s important to give preference to office with exelent reputation. Here you can pay attention to the reviews and the date of foundation of the company.
  • It is important to putting bets on a system so as not to lose all the money in one go. Do a limit yourself in bets.

How to play LoL

League of Legends is an online battlefield game. The number of registered users has exceeded several million people, which provides a daily visit to the game with a large number of players. This is the most popular e-sports genre, in which many competitions we have.

First you need to understand the basic rules of the game. Exactly two teams participate in the battle,every team has 5 players. The task of each side is to destroy the enemy base. The game has 110 heroes available. From this large number, each player chooses one. An important point is that the opposing team blocks three heroes in advance, which the opponent will not be able to choose for this round.

There are no characters with the same abilities in the game. Each of them is more or less unique and has specific skills. This allows you to come up with and create unique tactics for different heroes, alwayse surprising opponents with new bundles of heroes and tactical actions.

At the beginning of the game, teams are located in opposite corners like boxers in the ring. Come and instantly destroy the base of opponents will not work. On the way to the goal, players will have to complete a number of additional tasks for which they will receive game money: to destroy defensive structures, destroy monsters, etc.

The main game currency of the League of Legends is a gold, which can be earned in several ways, the most pleasant of which is the killing of an enemy hero. For game currency, you can strengthen your characters by buying various items in the game. The kill score is important, but the final winner of the fight is not determined by it. Whoever destroys the main building of someone else’s base will win the round.

LoL Tournaments

From 2011 the League of Legends has been actively developing as an e-sports destination. Today, tournaments for this online game collect participants from all over the world. To get the popular tournaments, you need to go through a certain selection. The annual prize pool of the largest tournament is more than ten million dollars. And this is without taking the decisive battle. Just imagine how much bets are being made at various betting companies.

The betting process here is no different from betting on other e-sports or sports events. At the first stage, you analyze, examining the selected teams very carfuly from all sides: what advantages they have, what disadvantages, how long the team members have played in one team, how they hold previous fights and face-to-face meetings, if any, etc. . Correct and complete analysis will provide you with bets that will bring you money, and not once, but regularly.

It’s important to keep track of up-to-date team information, as changes can take effect immediately before participating in a tournament. For example, one of the players broke his arm or became ill and cannot come to the competition. In this case the team will not paly at such a high level of complete.

How to bet on the League of Legends

The first principle of a successful bet is a deliberate choice of a betting company. Evry one talking about it, and it is really important. You trust the betting cpmpany your money. It is important to be sure that in case of a win you can withdraw them from your account and withdraw them to the card without any problems. On the Internet there are enough various resources that offer free ratings and reviews about offices. Give it a little attention. After reading a stories from the players, you can easily choose a reliable bookmaker for yourself.

Registration on the bookmaker’s website is a mandatory step. In addition to the registration procedure itself, you will need to be verified. With this action, you confirm your age, since you cannot bet on sports under the age of 18. The whole procedure is simple, but it will take you a few minutes.

The next step is to put money on the game account. If you have bought goods on the Internet, you will not notice anything difficult in replenishment. Check the deposit options offered by the bookmaker, choose the one that you like and  more convenient. And follow the instructions on the site. Indeed, there is nothing complicated.

When money wiil be on your game account, you can finally make your first bet. Choose the competition that interests you, the match between the teams – and among the wide line of the event you want to put on.

After one or several bets come in and you feel that you want to withdraw money, you just press a few buttons and the bookmaker will please you with a message that the money will be credited in a way convenient for you.

By betting on LoL, you can not only earn, but also increase your interest in a particular event of game. You will follow and worry with great participation for one of the teams, and these emotions are priceless!

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